Sell My House Fast

Everyone wants a fast house sale...

I deal with people and home sellers who need a fast sale every day of the week. In fact everyone who sells their home is looking to sell it on quickly so they can then go on and buy their next home.

Are you willing to accept a discount for a quick sale?

However, the reality is that most of the regular property sellers need to sell their home at the market valuation or as close to it as possible. Our property buyers are professionals whose business it is to buy and then sell on property. This means that they are looking to buy houses at a discount to the market valuation in the region of 75 – 80%.

Our buyers only deal with sellers who are desperate for a quick sale or need to sell quickly due to financial reasons. In order to sell your house fast via my service you must be willing to accept around 80% of the valuation in order to get a quick cash sale. Most of my cash property buyers will buy your house within 2 weeks and some can complete on a sale in under a week if it needs to go through very quickly.